What to consider for the employer in the new year?

Overview of labor and migration legal and practical updates.

On November 28, 2019, SCHNEIDER GROUP held an annual seminar at German Center for Industry and Trade, “What should an employer consider in the new year?”

On New Year’s Eve, legislative changes traditionally come into force, which primarily affects the business environment and employers. This is especially true for labor and migration law.

SCHNEIDER GROUP legal department team gave an overview of the main changes in labor and migration law for 2019, highlighting the most significant court decisions for employers in 2019 and told in detail about the main changes in labor and migration laws in 2020.

Staying up to date on changes in labor and migration law will help you to avoid inspections and fines in the New Year, what was highly appreciated by the participants of the event that were actively interested in the subject of the seminar.

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