1C/SAP maintenance and user support

Comprehensive ERP system support and maintenance for the local divisions of international companies, including both technical and user support from our Service Desk, 1C database hosting and regular software updates.

SCHNEIDER GROUP’s support services include prompt adjustments in response to new legal and business requirements and full system user training and support. If required, we offer ERP solution database hosting, which is particularly important for businesses with local divisions in Russia - from 2024, databases containing primary accounting documents must be stored in Russia.

  • We adapt solutions to meet ever-changing legal requirements and your business objectives.
  • We provide technical support and system updates.
  • We host 1C databases on SCHNEIDER GROUP's own servers or in the cloud.
  • We provide Service Desk assistance to your employees as they carry out their day-to-day activities.

What you get

We promptly update your ERP solution as soon as the vendor releases updates, patches and bug fixes to ensure a secure and user-friendly experience. When new legal requirements or business challenges arise, we adjust your solution quickly in response.
We constantly monitor your ERP solution’s availability and performance and troubleshoot problems that could slow down the system. We carry out load balancing and analyse the accuracy of the data displayed in the system to ensure that reports are generated quickly and accurately.
We train different user groups in 1C/SAP according to their functional roles to ensure that data is entered correctly and reporting is properly checked and controlled.
We answer questions from your users when they encounter difficulties with the ERP solution and address any technical issues to make sure the solution operates at optimal efficiency.
We can host your 1C database on our own servers, providing fast connections and high download speeds. We use two-factor authentication and make sure to back up daily.
We store data on our own secure servers or in secure data centres in full compliance with local legislation on personal data processing.

Why Schneider group

We undertake full technical maintenance of your ERP system, installation of updates and support and training of users, so your IT department no longer has to handle these tasks.
We have been insuring our professional risks since the company's inception. Our IT services, including on-going maintenance and user support, are fully insured for your security and peace of mind.
We assess the level of development and performance of the existing IT infrastructure in your company. We analyse your current automation situation and select the best and most cost-effective solutions for your business needs.
We provide 1C/SAP maintenance and user support services as part of ERP implementation, accounting, and HR outsourcing packages and as standalone services, depending on your specific requirements.

SCHNEIDER GROUP has been helping businesses to expand to new geographical markets since 2003, offering a full range of business support services: from developing strategy for successful market-entry to helping arrange or optimize accounting, reporting and financial planning processes and establishing efficient IT infrastructures.

500 top experts in 11 countries take care of all resource-consuming non-core business tasks, so our customers can focus on achieving their business goals. We offer services in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Austria, Belarus, Georgia, Germany, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Poland, Russia and Uzbekistan, with minor regional variations. Get in touch via our contact form to request details of specific service packages available in your target country.

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