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SCHNEIDER GROUP has been offering consulting services since 2003. On April, 1st 2003, a German entrepreneur Ulf Schneider along with a couple of employees took over the important mission of building bridges between the East and the West and supporting international businesses with their expansion into the growing markets of ex-Soviet countries. Together with his team Ulf has been pursuing this mission for more than 20 years already.

Temporary management of assets of “unfriendly” persons
New presidential decree institutionalises the possibility of temporary management of assets of persons from "unfriendly" countries.
Initiative to suspend double tax treaties
A new initiative by Russia's foreign and finance ministries to suspend double tax treaties with "unfriendly" countries might affect preferential rates and exemptions.
SCHNEIDER GROUP opens office in Tbilisi
The Grand Opening of the new office in the capital of the Republic of Georgia took place on 15 February. This is a further milestone in the development of the SCHNEIDER GROUP network in the Caucasus region, after establishing an office in Yerevan in neighbouring Armenia, in 2018 and in Baku, Azerbaijan in 2022.
We are delighted to invite you to our Winter Reception. This year’s theme is The Future of Retail in Russia, where we are going to look into the challenges and the future of retail, accompanied with delicious appetizers and drinks.
Countries Update: Regulatory snapshot for Russia. Business Opportunities in Central Asia and the Caucasus region
Join our online-event co-hosted by SCHNEIDER GROUP, Lodi Export and Confapindustria Piacenza for your first-hand update of business opportunities in Russia, Central Asia and the Caucasus region.
What still matters from 2022 and what’s new in legislation 2023
What’s new in legislation 2023 – what is important for management and for budgeting? Our solutions. Case Studies.

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