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Initiative to suspend double tax treaties

A new initiative by Russia's foreign and finance ministries to suspend double tax treaties with "unfriendly" countries might affect preferential rates and exemptions.

SCHNEIDER GROUP opens office in Tbilisi

The Grand Opening of the new office in the capital of the Republic of Georgia took place on 15 February. This is a further milestone in the development of the SCHNEIDER GROUP network in the Caucasus region, after establishing an office in Yerevan in neighbouring Armenia, in 2018 and in Baku, Azerbaijan in 2022.

New restrictions for companies controlled by "unfriendly" countries

In December 2022 the Subcomission of the Government Commission for Control of Foreign Investments in the Russian Federation  has issued a protocol determining important criteria of approval of transactions with regard to Russian legal entities controlled by persons from “non-friendly countries”.

Restrictions on the rights of foreign businesses to manage companies in Belarus

Belarus has approved the list of 1,849 companies registered in the country, which are affected by restrictions on corporate and other rights of the participants.

Changes concerning VAT payment on e-services

Federal Law No. 323-FZ of 14 July 2022 amended the Russian Tax Code to restore the procedure under which Russian buyers purchasing electronic services from foreign suppliers must pay VAT to the Russian budget as tax agents.

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