Accounting & Reporting

SCHNEIDER GROUP offers you the possibility of outsourcing your entire accounting (bookkeeping) in Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine and Poland. Especially for smaller and medium-sized enterprises, the outsourcing of accountancy will lead to higher cost efficiency and will enable you to focus on your core business.

Business Setup

Market entry or expansion to Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine and Poland is an important step for any foreign business. The success of an expansion to the promising market depends on how well the market entry is performed. Often, however, mistakes committed at the initial stage of a business set up can cause losses instead of the anticipated profits. When setting up a business in one of the Eastern countries, one should be aware of the peculiarities of local legislation. Unlike in European countries, tax reports have to be submitted on a quarterly basis in Russia, for example. This means that a foreign business needs, for example, more accountants to oversee tax reporting.

Import, customs, certification

Imports to Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Ukraine are associated with high requirements regarding the preparation of delivery and transport documents, and for a smooth import process it is essential to provide accurate documentation which is compliant with local requirements and local import regulations. It does not matter whether goods are being imported from Germany or the United States – the professional coordination and effective communication between the exporter, importer and transport companies are the basis of a successful import processing.


Over the past few years a solid legal framework for electronic document interchange (EDI) was establshed in Russia and the Ukraine, so that documents can now be created, sent, confirmed and archived electronically. We provide you with full support of your B2B EDI project engaging all our departments that should be involved. So the result will be a fully implemented project, adapted to the specific needs of your company.


SCHNEIDER GROUP offers an ALL-IN-ONE Service for your Online-Shop in Russia and the entire Eurasian Economic Union (EEU). We support you with import, customs clearance and the distribution of your products in the EEU, without the need of registering a company or recruiting staff. Thus, you get an entire and transparent distribution infrastructure, in which SCHNEIDER GROUP manages the orders as well as client payments, and takes care of all logistic processes including delivery to the client.

IT / ERP Systems

The main sphere of our IT services is the installation of accounting software for our clients. Our services also include the modification of the most widely used accounting Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system in Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Ukraine, 1C, to have it meet requirements which usually includes connecting it to popular foreign ERP systems. We also offer B2B Electronic Document Interchange, 1C Support, system administration, data hosting and IT support services.


Many foreign companies underestimate the seriousness of tax consequences during the initial stage of the business set up. Therefore, comprehensive advising in local taxation prior to company registration is crucial in Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine and Poland. Transfer pricing issues arise for all foreign companies who do business abroad. We assist you in preparing transfer pricing notification and in creating the required transer pricing documentation for Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine and Poland.

Transfer pricing

The role of multinational enterprises in the world has increased significantly over the last 20 years. This growth involves progressively complex taxation issues for the enterprises themselves and for tax administrations within separate, country specific taxation systems. Every time a legal entity or a permanent establishment forming part of a MNE group is located in different taxing jurisdictions, opportunities for the movement of income to a lower-tax jurisdiction arise. Here, transfer pricing comes into play. Transfer pricing involves the terms and prices at which related parties sell (or should sell) goods or services to each other. Russia’s transfer pricing regulations are based on the OECD Guidelines.

Due Diligence & Internal Audit

Year by year internal audit is becoming more and more necessary not only for large companies but also for middle-sized business. A routinely conducted internal audit is not only the positive signal for potential investors and creditors but it is also an effective instrument for the company’s owners and management.

Legal Services

SCHNEIDER GROUP experts can provide you with competent support with the registration of your company in Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine and Poland, in migration issues, help you get a work permit as well as in visa matters. Moreover, our legal services include assistance with intercompany agreements, support in contract law and consultation in labor legislation.

Legal address & office rent

For the registration of a representative office or a subsidiary you need to have a legal address in your destination country. Often you may not have yet found your office in Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine or Poland. We offer you the use of a legal address, a business address and the possibility to rent fully equipped office units in the city center (office sublease).

Interim Management

Interim management is the temporary provision of management resources and skills. It can be seen as the short-term assignment of a proven interim executive manager to manage a period of ransition, crisis or change within an organization. We provide you with interim management services for your subsidiary in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Poland.

Expert Recruiting & Outstaffing

Most companies with expatriate management rely on their local chief accountant when it comes to issues of foreign bookkeeping and tax regulations abroad. However, a chief accountant who lacks professional competence could present a high risk exposure to the company. We provide recruiting services in several fields where we ourselves have expertise, but our particular focus is on accounting and financial positions. We will be pleased to help our clients to identify, examine and pre-select suitably qualified and experienced candidates in the fields of accounting, controlling, finance and IT.

Event Management

We offer comprehensive event management including catering services, IT equipment, registration and accreditation management as well as entertainment programs. We are specialised in business events, which can be held in our own rooms, as well as in other places. We offer ready to use concepts, organization and coordination of the execution of the event.

Business Workshops & Training

starsacademy is our corporate training institute which provides a wide range of trainings and seminars with focus on hard and technical skills, including conferences for departments and business lines and trainings for newcomers.


Now starsacademy opens its doors for our current and potential clients and business partners. We will be happy to support and further develop your professional hard skills.