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SCHNEIDER GROUP Welcomes Clients to New Vilnius Office
<p>Berlin, Germany – March 19, 2024 – SCHNEIDER GROUP Lithuania has officially moved into its new Vilnius office, marking a new chapter in its support for international investors in Lithuania.</p>
Personal data: Top Five Internal Controls
SCHNEIDER GROUP experts established a five-step internal controls system for organizations handling personal data. This system empowers you to effectively manage data, secure information, train your workforce, and navigate the data security landscape with confidence.
Possible new restrictions concerning intellectual property for companies from "unfriendly" states
In December 2023, the Ministry of Industry and Trade drafted a Presidential Decree that envisages new intellectual property restrictions for companies "from unfriendly countries".
Georgia: Amended Data Protection Law
The Parliament of Georgia adopted the law "On Personal Data Protection", according to which there will be a number of additional obligations for persons involved in the processing of personal data.
15th Anniversary of SCHNEIDER GROUP Belarus
SCHNEIDER GROUP Belarus celebrates 15 years of success in supporting international companies in Belarus.
Temporary restriction on payment of profits and dividends to residents of "unfriendly" countries in Belarus
The restriction applies from a minimum amount of approx. 3 million Belarusian roubles and requires special authorisation from regional executive committees for payment processing.
Universal declaration process in Kazakhstan
As of January 2024, managers, founders, individual entrepreneurs, and their spouses must file asset and liability declarations as part of the implementation of Kazakhstan's Plan of the Nation (100 concrete steps).
EEU: New procedure for VAT on cross-border supply of electronic services
Amendments to the "Treaty on the Eurasian Economic Union" affect cross-border trade, taxpayer registration procedures, and VAT payment. When purchasing a remote registration service in electronic form, VAT will be levied at the taxpayer's location.
With an open mind towards future markets
In an interview with the German magazine Der Mittelstand, SCHNEIDER GROUP founder and CEO Ulf Schneider talks about the current transformation processes in world trade, the adaptation strategies for the new reality and the growth potential in Central Asia and the Caspian region.
Localization as a form of investment: latest news from the Russian market
The decision to localize a production plant in Russia is always a decision about investment. Most companies decide to invest in Russia because they have customers in the local market and the conditions for implementing the project are favorable.
The pandemic provided the impetus for growth
Alexander Nuzhny about major factors behind our group’s revenue growth over the past year, anti-crisis services, main drivers currently shaping demand for consultancy and other relevant issues in his interview for RAEX.
Alexander Nuzhny about accounting functions outsourcing – a modern and efficient business tool
Today, to be competitive in an ever-accelerating world, businesses need up-to-date information, communicated to the user in plain language, and forecasts built on this information.