Localization as a form of investment: latest news from the Russian market


The decision to localize a production plant in Russia is always a decision about investment. Most companies decide to invest in Russia because they have customers in the local market and the conditions for implementing the project are favorable.

Today we can say that localization pro­cesses in Russia in the last five years have changed for the better for both sides: business and government. The Russian government uses subsidies as a support instrument for investors in order to boost the bud­get of projects and help itself by devel­oping a future manufacturer that will pay tax, create employment, develop new technologies and, of course, pro­duce goods. In recent years, the Russian govern­ment has continued to actively expand the list of tools available to support in­vestors, balancing its own interests and the interests of business. Improving the investment climate in the country is an important task.

In 2020 foreign companies invested in 107 industrial projects in Russia, which now holds 11th place in the investment climate rating among European coun­tries. It is a good time to invest in the Rus­sian manufacturing sector. The Russian manufacturing indus­try is in high need of technological innovation.

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Read more in article “Localization as a form of investment: latest news from the Russian market” prepared by Angelina Anokhina, Team Lead CFO Services, and Evgenia Uvarova, Localization Project Manager, SCHNEIDER GROUP.