Payroll calculation

SCHNEIDER GROUP provides payroll calculation services at any level of complexity in accordance with legal requirements, such as regulations governing shift work and working in extreme locations. We guarantee complete privacy of sensitive salary data, support your business in interactions with regulators and ensure that our calculations take into account all legislative changes as well as head office standards and requirements.

Our specialists will take on payroll administration, one of the most demanding areas of accounting and tax reporting. We will help your business optimise costs, reduce time spent on routine operations, and minimise the risk of errors and delays. We will:

  • Advise on payroll administration methodology and current legislative requirements
  • Provide a team of highly qualified professionals to ensure the smooth delivery of services
  • Administer payroll, taxes and social contributions
  • Take care of obligatory reporting and interact with regulators on your behalf
  • Prepare similar or adjusted reporting at your request for head office in Russian, English and German

What you get

When calculating payments, we factor in everything, including hazard pay, compensation, shift work, hourly wages, sick pay, holiday pay and business trip expenses according to company policies. If your business has several legal entities, we will calculate and prepare regulatory reporting for each of them.
Full security and confidentiality are guaranteed - we never disclose information on employee salaries. We carefully select, screen, and assess our payroll administration specialists. In addition to standard non-disclosure agreements, we will sign a corporate code of ethics that specifically relates to your business if requested.
We carry out regular payroll reconciliation, prepare mandatory reporting and take full responsibility for interacting with regulatory authorities, including migration authorities and the Federal Tax Service. If needed, we call on our tax practice specialists to resolve complex situations.
We provide a team to manage payroll calculations, which minimises the risks associated with sick leave, maternity leave or departure of a full-time employee. Our specialists undergo regular training to ensure that calculations are fully compliant with legal requirements. We work both remotely and on-site, on an hourly or permanent basis.
With the help of an in-house developed add-on module, we automatically email pay slips to employees. Confidential payroll information is kept safe with an individual password. All processes are automated, eliminating the risk of sending the wrong pay slip by mistake. Employees can direct queries about pay slips and payments to our team of payroll specialists.  
We can customise and adjust your records system or migrate to a new system as needed. We examine how calculations are currently made and assess the accuracy of your tax register and other parameters to ensure a smooth transition. Our payroll administration solution is integrated with electronic HR document management systems, including our in-house developed Client Login online platform, to reduce labour costs throughout your HR department.


Backoffice 24х7х365
More than 40 SCHNEIDER GROUP employees complement the THYSSEN SCHACHTBAU team. Since 2007, SCHNEIDER GROUP has provided high-quality bookkeeping, tax accounting and legal support, 24/7/365. SCHNEIDER GROUP is also responsible for payroll calculation for 1000+ employees, preparation of reports, implementation of automation projects and interaction with government agencies on behalf of the customer.

Why Schneider group

We have provided accounting and tax services for international companies operating in Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Poland, Russia, Ukraine and Uzbekistan over 19 years, and are regularly ranked among the top providers of accounting outsourcing services. Since the company was founded, we have never had a claim against the insurance that covers our professional risks.
As part of our comprehensive payroll services, we fully analyse current business processes handling payroll and employee benefits. We will inform you about current and potential risks, propose solutions to address them, and notify you whenever legislative changes require adaptations. We guarantee strict adherence to payment and reporting deadlines.
We provide each of our clients with a dedicated contact person who can draw on significant relevant industry experience to answer questions about wage payments and benefits. If necessary, they will consult with SCHNEIDER GROUP specialists in tax, legal matters and more to resolve payroll issues.
We ensure prompt communication throughout the project, responding to all client enquiries within 24 hours. As an additional security measure, we use a special verification file containing your company’s calculation methodology, which is unique to each client and subject to your approval before any payment is made.


SCHNEIDER GROUP has been helping businesses to expand to new geographical markets since 2003, offering a full range of business support services: from developing strategy for successful market-entry to helping arrange or optimize accounting, reporting and financial planning processes and establishing efficient IT infrastructures.

500 top experts in 9 countries take care of all resource-consuming non-core business tasks, so our customers can focus on achieving their business goals. We offer services in Armenia, Austria, Belarus, Germany, Kazakhstan, Poland, Russia and Uzbekistan, with minor regional variations. Get in touch via our contact form to request details of specific service packages available in your target country.

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