What is the accountant of the future?

On February 7, 2019, SCHNEIDER GROUP Managing Partner Ulf Schneider gave a presentation of his vision of Accountants in the Digital Age in SCHNEIDER GROUP’s Moscow headquarters. He discussed the ongoing and future shifts from traditional ideas of accounting, like stacks of paper and legacy systems, to a modern technological environment increasingly driven by outsourcing, automation, cloud computing, AI, blockchain, and the Internet of Things. He then outlined how SCHNEIDER GROUP is adapting to this new environment by providing individualized, integrated, and maximally effective solutions, rather than low-cost ones, to better serve its clients.

The event was also featured a speech from Denis Roshchin, Executive Coach and Career Consultant at Skolkovo, regarding trends and career progression in a modern, digital accounting field.

Key themes were the need for continual skill development throughout a career, a focus on interpersonal skills and activities, and the shift towards highly variable, project-based work. The event concluded with a question and answer session with both speakers.

Accounting in the Digital AgeTrends and career progression in a digital accounting field
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