Ulf Schneider: Conversation with Armenia’s President in Berlin

On 28 November, 2018, Ulf Schneider, Managing Partner and Founder of SCHNEIDER GROUP, met with the President of Armenia Armen Sarkissian and other business representatives as part of a business breakfast in Berlin. The main points of the discussion during the breakfast pertained to Armenia’s progress towards becoming an attractive location for foreign investment and the liberalization of its economic and legal regulatory framework. The meeting took place on the margins of the Armenian Head of State’s visit to Germany.

“Armenia is the right country at the right time at the right place” said Armen Sarkissian about his country, which is holding new elections this December. The elections will give the new government a stronger mandate for the modernization of the economy. This will further contribute to the realization of an “economic revolution” and expand the country’s government revenue. Armenia is also opening up to and focusing on start-ups, since a developed IT sector has traditionally been a feature of the country and today “the culture corresponds to the 21st century”.

Ulf Schneider commended the recent developments in Armenia and highlighted the country’s growing importance for European companies: “A very strong IT-industry has traditionally existed in Armenia, in a country strategically situated at the threshold between West and East. It has been a member of the Eurasian Economic Union since the beginning of 2015, while in November 2017 it concluded a partnership agreement with the EU.”

Since October 2018, SCHNEIDER GROUP has been operating an office in Yerevan, the Armenian capital, and is offering its clients a full package of services: market entry, business process outsourcing, localization support, and more.

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