Think you know your business partner? Check with integrity due diligence!

Today at the German Centre, SCHNEIDER GROUP partnered with CSI Group during a business breakfast titled “Think you know your business partner? Check with integrity due diligence!”

Our featured speakers discussed the following:

SCHNEIDER GROUP’s Head of Tax Practice, Sergey Leoshko, gave a high level presentation of why business due diligence is important, why it demands our attention, and what are some potential consequences of ignoring it.

CSI Group’s Andrey Osipov held a technical discussion of automated, electronic screening and monitoring, along with how to be confident in your business partners through enhanced due diligence procedures, from social media checks to private investigations.

SCHNEIDER GROUP’s Veronika Kochieva, presented the necessary internal policies for effective due diligence, and answered questions from the audience on their implementation.
Each speaker illustrated their points through case studies, providing good practical examples to illustrate their more abstract points. The audience was involved throughout the presentations with questions and discussions, which led to a more lively atmosphere than might have been expected in a conference on due diligence.

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