SVKK event at SCHNEIDER GROUP office in St. Petersburg

The Finnish-Russian Chamber of Commerce (FRCC / SVKK) and SCHNEIDER GROUP in St. Petersburg, held together their first Business Breakfast at SCHNEIDER GROUP’s office on 29 March 2018.

13 representatives of member firms of the FRCC were interested in learning more about the risks of criminal investigations related to tax matters.

Mathias Weber, Director-Partner of SCHNEIDER GROUP, St. Petersburg, summarized the current legal basis, the risk areas and strategies to avoid or address such investigations. The participants actively discussed the impacts and their experiences in this area. All the participants were deeply satisfied with the quality of the event.

Comments received after the event pointed out that the subject is relevant and the presentation was well-structured and contained pragmatic approach addressing these issues. Considering the success of this first joint event of FRCC and SCHNEIDER GROUP, St. Petersburg has agreed to organize similar events on a regular basis.”

Contact our expert:
Dr. Mathias Weber
Director-Partner, CPA, St. Petersburg
+7 (812) 458 58 00