Successful business development in Northwestern Russia – Opportunities and Challenges

On 16 October, 2018, SCHNEIDER GROUP conducted a traditional Business Breakfast in the company’s St. Petersburg office.

The SCHNEIDER GROUP community held the event entitled ‘Successful business development in Northwestern Russia – Opportunities and Challenges’ in its conference room with a magnificent view of Russia’s second city. The event was held in collaboration with the German Eastern Business Association and the Remmers Company.

Dr. Mathias Weber, Director-Partner of SCHNEIDER GROUP, opened the event with a speech. After a small introduction, the microphone was passed to Jens Böhlmann, Head of Contact Center for SMEs for Russia of German Eastern Business Association, who gave a half-hour talk called ‘Economic and the political-economic situation in Russia – the latest tendencies and future opportunities’. The talk was not only interesting but also attractive for listeners thanks to an amazing mix of humour and the great professional experience of Mr Böhlmann.

After a short Q&A session, Sergey Shibaev, Technical Director of Remmers took to the stage. Mr Shibaev presented the achievements of the Remmers Company, which specialises in the renovation of old buildings – a field in which the company possesses a vast knowledge base and many years of experience in the Russian market. Mr Shibaev also presented a current ‘New Holland’ project, followed by extensive comments with impressive before/after photos.

SCHNEIDER GROUP’s Senior Manager for Localization Services – Nils Kalle – delivered the closing statement on ‘Localisation- how friendly is North-West region for investors’.

This interesting and factual presentation was also greeted with enthusiasm and was delivered vividly and clearly.

After some words of appreciation from Dr. Weber, discussion broke out between the guests in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere with coffee and snacks.

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Jens Böhlmann
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