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CLIENT LOGIN: Save up to 40% on Employee Records Management in Russia

SaaS-platform Client Login enables companies working in Russia to fully eliminate paperwork. All primary employee records – vacation applications, time sheets or advance reports – can now be created, edited, approved, and signed online.
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Russia | The process of revising Double Taxation Treaties continues

Revisions to the Double Taxation Treaties were proposed to Cyprus, Malta, and Luxembourg. Dividends and interest paid to companies from these countries will be taxed on income of foreign legal entities at the rate of 15% starting next year. Get in touch with SCHNEIDER GROUP tax experts to discuss possible options of optimizing your tax load!

Russia | Annual shareholders’ meetings and voting for LLCs can now be done remotely

In 2020, Russian businesses can approve reports and balance sheets during online annual shareholders’ meetings. Do you want to enable remote voting for your company? Get in touch with SCHNEIDER GROUP to prepare necessary internal documents for legal acceptance of remote voting results!

Russia | Registration of a trademark, service mark, or appellation of origin is available in the EAEU with one application

Starting from August 19, 2020, it is possible to register a trademark, service mark, and appellation of origin in all EAEU member states with one application. The protection will extend throughout the territory of the EAEU member states. Get in touch with SCHNEIDER GROUP legal team to learn more about new registration procedures or to request legal support in registering your trademark in EAEU.

Russia | Webinar “IT tools for automation of financial systems”

On September 3, 2020, SCHNEIDER GROUP SPb Finance Director Olga Mastsevaya introduced SAAS- platform Client Login for fully paperless employee records management in Russia at the webinar “IT tools for automation of financial systems”.
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Belarus | State registration and termination of business entities’ activities: major changes

Do you plan to establish a business entity in Belarus? Read here about changes in the issues of approving the names of legal entities, state registration, termination of activities of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs, maintaining the Unified State Register of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs of the Republic of Belarus.
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Belarus | Changes in currency regulation and control from July 9, 2021

Belarus has introduced a new law amending currency regulations and control rules with the intention to liberalize currency relations and the economy. Read about rights and obligations of the residents and the updates of functions of currency control authorities here.
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