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Exporting to Russia: is your business ready for digital marking?

April, 7th | 11:00 (GMT+3) | online | English

Learn more about the mandatory digital marking of consumer goods in Russia from legal and IT perspectives, get practical insights of implementing digital marking of medicines from Roche and clothing from Strellson and prepare your business for exporting to Russia. Join our free webinar, organized together with Switzerland Global Enterprise.

E-commerce in Russia 2021. Main trends and alternative ways of market-entry

April, 13th | 11:00 (GMT+3) | online | English

What are the most popular e-commerce platforms in Russia? How to integrate with them? How to adjust your business-processes to online sales? What are the specifics of delivery of goods sold online to Russian buyers? Find out at our free webinar. Organized together with Russian leading logistics operator SDEK.

Tax pitfalls of intragroup loan financing in Russia and how to avoid them

April, 29th | 11:00 (GMT+3) | online | Russian

What are the tax-related risks with the intragroup loan financing in Russia? How to avoid situations when loan interests are qualified as dividends or other income types? How to make sure that loan interest won’t be excluded from corporate spendings for tax purposes? Find out at our webinar!


Changes in the rules of labelling sets and multipacks of goods

In cases when the packaging of a set or multipack of goods cannot be opened without damaging this package, it is allowed to apply the label with the unique digital code to this package only, without attaching labels to the standalone items in the set / multipack. Read more here. Get in touch to arrange efficient labelling of goods you are producing or exporting to Russia.

Changes in the procedure of accreditation of branches and representative offices of foreign legal entities

Starting August 28th, the accreditation period for a branch or a representative office of a foreign legal entity is reduced from 25 to 15 working days. Read more about the changes and requirements to the documents for the accreditation here. Get in touch to prepare the document kit to register your legal entity in Russia.

Changes in currency contracts registration

Starting July 9th, the registration of currency contracts, provisioning of information about their amendment/execution should be done via the official web portal of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus. Get the details here. Get in touch for professional legal support on the currency regulation and control in Belarus.

Changes in the legislation on business entities

Starting April 28th, 2021, several changes in the legislation on business entities will come into force. These changes will allow restructuring of bad debts and will abolish a number of restrictions for businesses. Read more here. Get in touch with our Minsk team for professional advice on influence of the changes on your business.

Several supportive measures for businesses come into force in April

Starting April 28th, 2021, monetary claims can be converted into equities (shares) and contributions can be done to the property of a business entity. For an overview of supportive measures check our article. Get in touch with our Minsk experts to find out if your business qualifies for support.

Changes in liability for personal data processing

Starting March 1st, 2021, administrative penalties for incorrect collection, processing and storage of personal data were introduced. Details here. Get in touch to arrange legally-compliant processing of personal data in your company.

Major changes to the Tax Code in 2021

Read our review to find out more on changes to release tax burden on businesses and other important changes to the Tax Code of Belarus. Request a consultation on developing an efficient taxation scheme for your business from our regional experts!

Tax changes for controlled foreign companies

1-year long break for submission of tax reporting, removal of penalties for incorrect determination of profits for 2022-23 and postponing of coming into for force of the requirement to register controlled foreign companies (CFC) as Ukrainian tax residents are among the major changes. Get more information here. Get in touch for professional advice on taxation of controlled foreign companies in Ukraine.

Changes in the rules of property rights and legal entities registration

The list of documents for re-registration of a commercial partnership has been extended, penalties for violation of timelines of property rights registration have been removed and timelines for notification of authorities on increase of the charter capital have been prolonged. Get details here or contact out team to prepare necessary documents for re-registration or to submit the required notifications.

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