New changes in the rules for labelling sets & multipacks of goods


Since 2019, Russia has begun the mandatory marking of consumer goods, which is valid for manufacturers, importers, and retailers. In 2020, the system included cigarettes, shoes, tires and perfumes. In 2021 it concerns clothes and linen. Bicycles, water, milk and other goods are next in line.

Also in 2021, the Ministry of Industry and Trade proposed to amend the rules for marking sets & multipacks of photographic goods, perfumery products and light industry goods. The new rules provide for the application of a marking code on consumer packaging or on the label of the package set & multipack without marking the goods which it contains. Such marking is allowed only if the consumer packaging of a set & multipack formed during the manufacturing of goods cannot be opened without damage.

A participant in the turnover of goods who makes the decision to disband a set & multipack, which includes goods without identification means, carries out re-marking of the goods which are part of the set & multipack before offering these goods for sale, including before their display at the place of sale, as well as demonstration of their samples (except for the provision of information about them when selling remotely).

It is also proposed to amend the procedure for registering sets & multipacks of goods in the information monitoring system.

The draft of the corresponding government decree was published on the Federal project portal of laws and regulations.

Presumably the decree will enter into force on September 1, 2021.