SCHNEIDER GROUP Kyiv’s presentation in the Ukrainian forum organized by the IHK Region Stuttgart

On April 4, 2019, SCHNEIDER GROUP took part in the Ukrainian Forum in Stuttgart, organized by IHK Region Stuttgart.

The main purpose of this forum was to inform attendees about the current political and economic situation in Ukraine, investment opportunities in the country, and a number of important reforms this year and next year that are expected to generate significant economic growth.

The highlighted various aspects related to doing business in Ukraine.

Thus, Artem Barinov, Associate Director, Legal & Tax of the SCHNEIDER GROUP Kyiv office, gave a presentation on the main legislative news in Ukraine relevant to foreign investors: the Law “On Limited Liability Companies and Additional Liability Companies”, and the Law “On Currency and Currency Transactions.” In reviewing the first of these laws, Barinov spoke about new opportunities in the field of corporate governance of companies in the form of limited liability companies (LLC) – one of the most common business forms used by foreign investors in Ukraine. The presentation also covered legislative innovations in areas such as the content of the company’s charter, the formation of the authorized capital, the powers of the participants, and the management bodies of the LLC.

The second part of Barinov’s speech was dedicated to the liberalization of Ukrainian currency regulation rules via the Law “On Currency and Currency Transactions”. In particular, he focused on the simplification of the rules and the peculiarities of the transition from currency control to currency supervision.

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