SCHNEIDER GROUP Kyiv participated in the AHK seminar, devoted to tax issues

On March 13, 2019, the General Director of the Ukrainian office of SCHNEIDER GROUP Yuri Donets, and the Company’s Senior Accounting Expert Julia Romaniuk, took part in a seminar organized by the Tax and Financial Reporting Committee of the German-Ukrainian Chamber of Industry and Commerce. The event “Taxes, currency and more: what business needs to know in 2019” informed visitors about most recent changes and news in the respective legislation of Ukraine. The speakers at the event included prominent legal and tax experts, while in total about 70 people took part in it.

Ms. Romaniuk presented topic “Recent problems in registering VAT invoices and state budget VAT reimbursement”, mainly focusing on the following matters:

  • Late registration of tax invoices and correction of VAT liabilities
  • New in blocking tax invoices
  • Suspension in VAT invoices and VAT correction invoices registration – actions of the taxpayer.
  • Procedures and steps related to requests for VAT compensation from the State budget
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