SCHNEIDER GROUP joins the committee “International Markets and Distribution”

Alex Stolarsky, German attorney, Director Legal, Tax & Compliance and Member of the Board of SCHNEIDER GROUP has been elected by the Board of the German Medecines Manufacturers’ association to join their “International Markets and Distribution” committee for two years.

By joining Germany’s leading trade organisation of the pharmaceutical industry, SCHNEIDER GROUP corroborates its expertise in cross-border legal consultancy in the pharmaceutical sector. In addition to the broadly represented medium-sized businesses and global medicine manufacturers, the BAH also includes pharmacists, lawyers, publishing houses and agencies, as well as market research and opinion research institutions, which are involved in relevant industries. Due to the high level of professional competence and expert knowledge, BAH is a close contact partner for politicians, authorities and health institutions.

Before joining the Organization with the biggest number of members in the pharma-industry in Germany, SCHNEIDER GROUP successfully cooperated with the BAH on different opportunities. SCHNEIDER GROUP’s experts demonstrated their competence and reliability at several events discussing topics such as medicine registration, best practices in manufacturing in the Eurasian Economic Union, serialization requirements and production localization in Russia. Research and selection of contract manufacturers, market studies and diverse IT-solutions complete the range of SCHNEIDER GROUP’s services for BAH members.
Reforms and changing regulations within the Eurasian Economic Union, as well as local content requirements in particular in Russia make regular full-fledged consulting a must for foreign producers and other market players. In the “International Markets and Distribution Committee”, Alex Stolarsky will be able to put to work his long-standing Russia experience, his deep knowledge of the sector and the comprehensive competency of SCHNEIDER GROUP for the Association’s efficiency.
Alex Stolarsky: “In the BAH and particularly in the committee, what we want to address, is the sensibly increasing need for local and at the same time international, industry-specific and legal expertise. I am looking forward to supporting the members with words and deeds on the Russian-speaking markets in the coming two years!”

About the German Medecines Manufacturers’ Association (BAH)

By company membership BAH, with over 450 members, is the leading trade organization for the pharmaceutical industry in Germany. BAH member companies created about 80,000 jobs in Germany. BAH covers the entire range of the industrial landscape from self-medication medicines (OTC) through to prescription drugs (Rx) and medical devices. BAH advocates for secure and responsible self-medication through professional medical and pharmaceutical advice. For more information on BAH, please visit their website.