SCHNEIDER GROUP is strengthening its ties with the local Russian industry

Moscow, 10.12.2018 – On 29 November 2018 SCHNEIDER GROUP signed a membership agreement with the Association of Industrial Parks of Russia (AIP), the organization comprising of Russia’s leading industrial parks and industrial localization services providers.

“The AIP represents the combined potential of 166 industrial parks in 51 regions of Russia. Behind them lies an enormous investment-driving expertise,” stressed Ulf Schneider, Managing Partner and Founder of SCHNEIDER GROUP. “It is of strategic importance for our company to deeper connect with local industry experts like the AIP”, Ulf Schneider added upon signing the application of membership.

AIP membership offers SCHNEIDER GROUP a wide range of potential recipients of investments. With its 15-years’ experience and presence in 8 countries, the company can build on its tradition of acting as a bridge between East and West, and facilitating business, trade, and investments in Eurasia. Additionally, given the multitude of events organized by the AIP, ranging from thematic discussions to investment conferences and business trips, SCHNEIDER GROUP can now reach a greater audience for sharing its know-how and service capabilities.

Nils-Christian Kalle, Senior Manager Localization Services of SCHNEIDER GROUP, sees the agreement as an important step in the implementation of the company’s localization strategy in Russia: “AIP represent the industrial parks which we want to present to our potential customers”. Kalle has initiated the membership agreement and acts as AIP’s direct contact at SCHNEIDER GROUP.

AIP aims at attracting and supporting investors in Russia by providing them certain information on manufacturing localization opportunities and very specific engineering, design, construction, utilities and facilities management services offered by AIP members. As an essential part of its activities, AIP holds a series of events. Through this membership SCHNEIDER GROUP can expand its ever-growing expertise and provide its clients with access to even more investment opportunities.

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