SCHNEIDER GROUP held a Doing Business in Russia conference for an Australian business delegation

On April 22, 2019, SCHNEIDER GROUP held a Doing Business in Russia conference for a delegation of Australian government officials, members of trade commissions, and companies involved in mining and industrial equipment. It was the first ever event for SCHNEIDER GROUP focused on doing business with companies from Australia.

Ulf Schneider, Managing Partner of SCHNEIDER GROUP, opened the event with a welcome speech and an overview of Russia’s current economic outlook.

Christopher Schagerl, Director at SCHNEIDER GROUP, presented a comprehensive framework on how to export to Russia, covering the following topics: ease of doing business, foreign exchange, new marking and labeling requirements, sanctions, certification in the EAEU, and a range of options for market entry.

Ekaterina Kvaskova, Director for Internal Controls at SCHNEIDER GROUP, presented the specifics of transparent business in Russia, from effective internal audits to avoiding financial “red flags”, along with the specifics of accounting regulations and how they apply to the mining industry.

Christoph Spank, Market Research Team Leader from SCHNEIDER GROUP, presented an overview of the mining industry in Russia, including key statistics, major market participants, trends, and opportunities for foreign companies.

Evgeniya Sinanova, Head of Commercial Law Practice at SCHNEIDER GROUP, gave a full overview about the tax and legal regulations for doing business in Russia. She discussed the details of company registration, special economic zones, currency control, taxes, and corporate, contract, and labor law.

Mark Chesher, Director from AMC Consultants, finished the presentations by discussing the practical experience of Australian companies in the Russian market, and how all of the regulations and details come together in real cases.

After the presentations, the delegates were free to ask questions of the experts, and there was no shortage of questions to be answered. The event was a success, not only informing the delegates, but also opening up new geographical areas, building bridges, and expanding SCHNEIDER GROUP’s global reach.

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