SCHNEIDER GROUP Director-Partner Mathias Weber elected to executive bodies of two leading business associations in Russia

St. Petersburg, March 29, 2018, Dr. Weber speaks his Nominee speech during SPIBA Executive Committee Elections

Dr. Mathias Weber, Director-Partner of SCHNEIDER GROUP’s St Petersburg Office has been elected to the executive bodies of two most influential business associations in the Northwestern region –  SPIBA and North-Western Regional Committee of AEB.

Established in 1995, St Petersburg International Business Association (SPIBA) is a non-profit, independent organization, which unites foreign and Russian companies and is a strong voice of business in the North-West region of Russia, facilitating business development for its members. SPIBA’s Executive Committee consists of six members; despite being a newcomer Mathias Weber has achieved the second best result in the polling with 69% of the votes.

The Association of European Business (AEB) is an independent organisation whose expertise is recognized at the highest level within the European and Russian Authorities. The AEB works to improve business and trade environment in Russia for European companies. The Steering Committee of the North-Western Regional Committee of AEB is elected in secret voting during the General Meeting in St Petersburg and currently consists of nine members, including Mathias Weber.

Mathias Weber: “It is an honour to be elected in such responsible positions by the members of SPIBA and the North-Western Regional Committee of AEB. I determined to support both executive bodies in giving businesses a strong and consolidated voice during these politically turbulent times.”

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