On July 12, 2018, RENPOWER BELARUS, The Renewable Energy & Power Infrastructure Investors Conference organized by EuroConvention took place in Minsk with the support of SCHNEIDER GROUP as an Associate Partner.

Stephan Hoffmann, Senior Project Manager in the SCHNEIDER GROUP Minsk office shared his expert opinion and thoughts about the transition in electrical energy production in the EU, Germany, and Belarus during the opening session dedicated to “Future of the Belarus Energy Sector – scenarios for “hand in hand” development of nuclear and green energies. His presentation included comments towards trends in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, energy saving trends, and the participation of renewable energy sources within in the whole energy mix of the states of the EU, Germany, and Belarus. Mr. Hoffmann also introduced state regulations and incentives in favor of investors in renewable energy projects which should be taken into account when planning business in Belarus.

In his speech, Stephan compared the costs of electricity in several European countries and emphasized that renewable energy is not always a costly energy source. Finally, he focused on Belarus and the country’s recent changes in energy policies. Belarus plans to start the energy production from its first nuclear power plant with an overall 2400 MW and triple its renewable power capacities to 950 MW in 2020. Mr. Hoffmann concluded his presentation’s message with the idea that Belarus could take advantage of the experience and failures of EU and Germany in energy transition to make its energy sector ready for the future.

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