SCHNEIDER GROUP and Rosbank invited St. Petersburg’s business community to an evening networking event

On September 10, 2019, SCHNEIDER GROUP and Rosbank invited St. Petersburg’s business world to an evening networking event at the Belmond Grand Hotel Europe. After the end of holiday season, we wanted to present our guests with relevant information about new developments. SCHNEIDER GROUP invited Daniel Thorniley, who gave a lecture on the economic prospects of Russian companies. His conclusion: “Russia is a market where it is yet worth being present. The above-average growth rates with a very good profitability still are possible. “

Rosbank’s Chief economist provided an analysis of the economic situation, covering global tendencies and the dark clouds on the business horizon. With the ongoing USA – China trade war and Brexit upcoming, there are many risks which will have a significant influence on the future development.

All participants found the lectures motivating and exchanged their impressions during a coffee break. Many managing directors from our client companies such as Formel D, Hauni, Focke, and Gruber were present. Even the General Consul of France attended the event.

The TV station RBK provide a brief summary of the event, which will also include an interview with our partner, Mathias Weber. In the future, SCHNEIDER GROUP will continue to host informative events together with its partners, as a helping hand and guiding light to international companies in difficult times.

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