Russia | Electronic sick-leave list introduced

Starting from July 1, 2017 medical doctors may issue the sick-leave lists in electronic form.  Electronic sick-leave lists shall be issued upon the consent of a patient and must be signed with the enhanced encrypted and certified digital signature by a medical doctor and a medical organization.

How to get the electronic sick-leave list?

The electronic sick-leave list may be issued under the following conditions:

  1. A patient gives his/her written consent to prepare a sick-leave list in electronic form;
  2. A medical institution and an employer have access to the special information system of the Social Security Fund of Russia that will generate electronic sick lists.

In order to get an electronic sick-leave list, a patient will have to provide a medical organization with his/her Personal Insurance Policy Number (SNILS).

When prepared, the patient will be given a number of the electronic sick-leave list in the form of a voucher (printout) or some other format (a message on your mobile device). The employer must be provided with this number in order to calculate the sick-leave payment.

Will paper sick-leave lists be valid?

Introduction of the electronic sick-leave list does not remove the possibility of getting it on paper. Sick-leave lists both in electronic form and on paper have equal legal force.

The sick-leave list can be provided by a medical organization only in one form:

  • Either in paper version
  • or in electronic format

How will information exchange be organized?

The law on the electronic sick-leave list, which has come into force, foresees the adoption of additional regulations governing the exchange of electronic documents and information:

  • The format of the electronic sick-leave list as well as the order of its preparation and issue will be set up by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation
  • The order of the information exchange among the insurer (the Social Security Fund of Russia), the insuring party (employers) and medical organizations will be set up by the RF Government.

At present, the above mentioned regulations are not approved yet but more details are expected in the next few weeks.

As soon as the form of the document and the procedure for the interaction within the framework of the electronic sick-leave list preparation are approved, your Client Manager will contact you regarding further actions concerning your connection to the electronic sick-leave lists system exchange.
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