Belarus | Regulatory updates affecting business for April – June 2019

We are pleased to present a brief overview of the main regulatory changes affecting the business environment in Belarus for April – June 2019.

Selling via foreign aggregators – settlements with intermediaries

Effective from June 18, 2019, Belarusian organisations and private entrepreneurs who receive payments from individuals via foreign aggregators (e.g. Google Play, App Store, EBay etc.) are allowed to pay for these services by having the aggregator withhold fees from collected payments.
(Regulation of the Board of the National Bank of Belarus of May 30, 2019 No. 234)

Confirmation of goods conformity in the EAEU

A form of the uniform certificate for state product registration, as well as its issue procedure, will be changed on July 20, 2019. It will also be possible to issue this certificate as an electronic document.

The certificates issued under the old form before July 20, 2019 will remain valid for their entire validity period.
(Decision of the Eurasian Economic Commission Board No.102 of July 18, 2019)

Digital banking technologies. Smart contracts

Beginning from October 21, 2019, the Interbank Identification System will provide new possibilities. Participants of the system—banks, non-bank financial institutions, and their clients, both individuals and organisations—will be able to make transactions in this system via a smart contract. Such transactions can be made without a digital signature. Also, banks will be allowed to identify their clients on video calls by comparing a video image of a person with his or her photo ID. With the clients’ consent, state authorities and other organisations can use individuals’ data from the Interbank Identification System for service provision.
(Decree of the President of Belarus of April 18, 2019 No.148)

Insurance industry: upcoming changes

The following legislative changes have been enacted and will come into effect September 1, 2019:

  • It will be easier to conclude an insurance contract: for most types of insurance, a contract can be made remotely by electronic message interchange, payment of an insurance fee according to an insurance company’s proposal, or making a record into a unified insurance database.
  • under a European car accident statement, the insurer’s liability limit will increase from EUR 400 to 800 – an amount that can be settled without reporting an accident to road police.
    (Decree of the President of Belarus of May 11, 2019 No.175)

Verifying a paper copy of an electronic document

New regulations for verifying a paper copy of an electronic document have applied since May 26, 2019. The copy can be verified by the document creator, the recipient of the document via an interdepartmental info system, a notary, a real estate registration official, and in some cases, other organisations and authorities. (Regulation of the Council of Ministers of Belarus of May 22, 2019 No.324)

Construction norms and rules: new procedures to adopt and enforce

Beginning from June 9, 2019, construction norms are considered as mandatory technical acts, and construction rules as recommended ones. Only the Ministry of Architecture and Construction of Belarus is empowered to adopt construction norms and rules.

Upon adoption of the construction norms and rules, other technical acts on the relevant subject will not apply.
(Decree of the President of Belarus of June 5, 2019 No.217)

Recycling tax for transport: new rates and exemptions

Retrospectively, from January 1, 2019, some heavy trucks of Euro 6 emission standard are exempted from the recycling tax under the Decree of the President of Belarus of April 10, 2019 No.141. If you have already paid the recycling tax in 2019 prior to the introduction of this exemption, we recommend you apply for a tax refund according to chapter 8 of the Tax Code of Belarus.

New recycling tax rates apply from June 16, 2019. Vehicle owners have to pay recycling tax in connection with vehicle production or import to Belarus. (Regulation of the Council of Ministers of Belarus of June 1, 2019 No. 437).


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