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Recruiting 360° – From department analysis to professional testing

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Department analysis

Before searching for candidates it is necessary to analyse the activities of the accounting / finance department. Our method includes four stages:

  1. Analysis of the accounting department’s activities
  2. Develop suggestions to optimize task distribution within the department
  3. Draft the description of the vacancy
  4. Define the requirements for the candidate.

These four stages produce a job description that accurately defines a post which efficiently satisfies the needs of the department both now and in the future. With the tailored job description in hand, we conduct focused and effective staff recruiting – the next step to your future optimized accounting department.

Job description

In order to find a good chief accountant for an individual company, SCHNEIDER GROUP can analyse the organization and the specific department of our client. The aim of the evaluation is to determine the exact tasks that would be the most important, the level of qualification required and, in particular, the experience in specific industries and businesses a candidate should have in order to find an ideal match for the company’s requirements. The result of the evaluation is a personalised job description, which is the key to rapidly finding a perfect candidate and thereby saving time throughout the search process.

SCHNEIDER GROUP has the experience and knowledge that is necessary to create the ideal job description for your vacancy.

Search and selection

We have developed a special procedure for the selection of candidates, and further refined it based on our experience. Our experts find the most suitable candidate for our clients within the shortest possible period of time. At the same time, this allows us to adapt the search to the individual needs of our customers at any time.

Professional testing

A professional assessment of an accountant or finance professional of any expert level can be undertaken with the professional competence test developed by SCHNEIDER GROUP, and an interview with an in-house senior accounting or finance expert. Professional testing and interviewing is included in our standard recruiting package. On request we can also test additional candidates found by you.

Test structure

Part 1: Professional Accounting
  • Testing: Multiple choice test with time limit
  • Professional questions: comprehensive test that covers more than 20 different key topics of accounting and taxation: General knowledge, tax accounting, internal controls, sales accounting: direct sales, agency contracts, import, cost of goods sold (COGS), standard pricing method, warehouse accounting, transformation to IFRS
  • Creative thinking: Case studies
  • Test duration: up to 1.5 hours
Part 2: Accounting Programme Test (1C or SAP)
  • This test allows us to discover typical knowledge gaps depending on the accountant’s level:
  • Data entry for primary documentation
  • Understanding of programme construction necessary for correct accounting (functionalities and modules)
  • Methodology of accounting transactions in tax calculation and in automatic production of tax returns

You will receive an overview of test results and we provide you with a detailed evaluation and interpretation of the test results.

Labor agreement

After the successful conclusion of an employee search it is especially important to observe the bureaucratic legislative requirements for labour relations registration, many of which date back to the Soviet era.

Along with the correctly prepared employment agreement it is necessary to prepare numerous other documents (the order on employment, the labour book, an  organizational  chart,  safety

regulations, etc.) in order to prevent yourself from the risk of claims and penalties which may arise from labour inspection.

Subsequently, it is essential to prepare a summary of additional working conditions from a legal point of view (participation in trainings, payment of bonuses, using a company car, the internet, confidentiality observance etc.) in order to provide for their practical performance and, in case of a conflict, the possibility of judicial appeal.

The process of contract administration involves several formalistic procedures and will set the stage for the next contract negotiation experience. The future employer should be aware of this fact when recruiting a new employee.

Training – starsacademy

starsacademy provides financial trainings in Moscow

Increasingly, companies appreciate trainings as an effective tool for the professional and personal development of their employees. Thus, an individual approach to each employee’s development is important. Conducting trainings for the finance department is a long-term contribution of the company to the professional development of their personnel.

In particular, the employees of the finance department need to be aware of the constantly changing regulations affecting their daily work. This demands their continuous development and adaptation of their professional knowledge and skills.

We can offer special trainings to the employees of your finance department. From our own experience, we know the problems accountants face and what is needed to solve them.

Learn more about our starsacademy corporate training institute. 

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