How to be compliant with new registration rules for foreigners in Russia?

The Football World Cup is over and Russia has benefited from millions of tourists who came to see the country and watch a phenomenal tournament.

Those foreigners, who live and work, come to visit for business or continue visiting Russia as tourists not residing in a hotel during their stay are faced though with toughened registration rules and this is why we want to briefly update you today and shed some light on questions many of you addressed:

Up until 25th of July 2018 any foreigner shall register with the local authorities within 3 days upon entering the country.

After 25th of July, the standard registration terms for foreign citizens applicable before the Work Cup applied again:

  1. So called Highly Qualified Specialists have to register within 90 days upon arrival to Russia;
  2. Foreign employees with a standard work permit and foreign citizens with business visa have to register within 7 working days;

So, what’s the deal?

The real news is that on July 8, 2018 new regulations on the registration of foreign citizens came into force.

As many of you know, earlier it was possible to register foreign citizens at the legal address of employer’s company. This was common practice and the employer basically took care of all the formalities to properly register its expat employee.

Now, however, a foreigner has to be registered at the factual place of residence, which can bring with it some problems if he is not the owner of the real estate where he resides but rents such space on his own and therefore depends on the cooperation of the landlord, whose responsibility it is now to register the foreign citizen within the terms outlined before.

What to do?

If you are renting residential real estate in Russia, you need to reach out to your landlord with the new legal requirements as it is the primary obligation of the landlord now as the hosting party to register foreign citizens at the place of their factual residence. Your employer as the inviting party shall actively participate in this discussion and assist where necessary with the formalities; however it still has to be the landlord who in person needs to show up at the registration authority.

To calm the stress a bit down for those among you who are working in Russia as Highly Qualified Specialists: After 25th July we returned to the previous terms of registration, i.e. you still have to register once with the landlord but leaving the country within 90 days and returning resets the clock. So if you leave the country at least once within every 90 days then you do not have to re-register as the initial registration is valid for the term of validation of your work permit.

If you as a visitor in Russia reside in a hotel you do not need to worry at all of course because the hotel will register you.

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