Key tips on the way to setting up IT business in Belarus

If you are an IT, telecommunications, or DLT business thinking about expanding to Belarus, there are some important incentives to be aware of.

The Hi-Tech Park (HTP), also known as the Belarusian “Silicon Valley”, has been operating since 2006 and currently provides an attractive combination of various benefits and opportunities for residents:

  • Substantial support in project monetization for startups
  • Investment structuring based on British law concepts
  • DLT projects and cryptocurrency activities are welcome
  • Significant tax benefits until 2049, 1% tax on revenue supersedes all corporate taxes
  • User friendly approach to documenting transactions for accounting and tax purposes
  • Simplified procedure for hiring foreign IT experts (no work permit is required)
  • Other opportunities and incentives

In order to make use of the HTP opportunities and benefits you would need to:

  • find the right team of developers and startup, or create it from scratch
  • set up a company in Belarus
  • document relationships – team and IP rights transfer to the new company
  • draft a business plan for your IT project
  • file membership documents with the HTP Administration

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