Individual consulting session in Warsaw: Investing in Belarus

On the 11th of April, SCHNEIDER GROUP Warsaw held an individual consulting session  with a small group of business representatives to discuss about investing in Belarus over a cup of tea.

During this event the following topics have been discussed:

During last years Belarus was able to create an open and friendly environment for business and continue their efforts in order to improve economic efficiency and cooperation with strategic investors. It was possible mainly because of proven solution in step by step privatization and number of market entry and localization related incentives. Regarding the numbers, the country ranks 67th in the world economy by GDP (USD 164.8 billion), GDP per capita in 2015 at current prices is USD 4,855. The Country is in 37th place in the World Bank DB ranking.

The priority sectors for placement investments and localization are: IT outsourcing & software development, green & renewable energy, transportation and logistics, machinery & equipment, infrastructure, agriculture & food production.

What is worth stressing, is Belarus has direct access to the markets of the former USSR countries, especially Russia and Kazakhstan (282 million consumers).

All of the above-mentioned aspects are likely to be considered by investors as a basis for putting Belarus on the map for further business expansion.

Market Entry FAST TRACK in Belarus
Adrian Branny
General Director, Warsaw
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