Webinar: How to use the business opportunities

Russia, Belarus, Poland, Ukraine and Kazakhstan are all markets offering high potential for foreign investors in a variety of industries.

The majority of these markets offer a large consumer base, are steadily moving up the World Bank’s ‘Ease of Doing Business’ survey, and boast highly skilled and relatively cheap workforce, particularly in the sphere of IT.

The opportunities are therefore rife in these markets, particularly in the sphere of e-commerce, but many companies avoid or postpone entering them due to the barriers to entry.
Traditionally companies expanding into a new market take one of two different routes, each of which have their negatives:

# Option Negatives
1 Finding a local distributor(s) to sell their products.
  • Clients dependent on distributor
  • Tax risks: grey imports
  • Lack of sales / marketing by distributors
  • Competitor products in portfolio
2 Registering a company (LLC, representative office or branch office).
  • Accreditation / registration (3-5 months)
  • Expenses: piles of documents, translation, notarisation, bank account, legal address, finding a general director etc.
  • Investments: charter capital, financing the company, accounting and tax, office etc.


In order to address the issues with each of these options, SCHNEIDER GROUP has developed an alternative way to enter the market; Market Entry FAST TRACK. By combining a number of complementary services into one package, this approach allows foreign companies to set up a comprehensive presence in Russia, Belarus, Poland, Ukraine and Kazakhstan, without committing to the investments involved with registering a legal entity, whilst allowing employees to be placed on the ground with full import and sales.

The webinar held on April 13th, 2017, took a detailed look at the Market Entry FAST TRACK approach and each of its elements, showing its flexibility via two real case studies. It can be used as a means of testing out the market, with the possible next step being registration of a company to expand operations, or, if the market is not ready for the product, a quick and low cost market exit is possible.

The webinar finished by taking a more detailed look at the Russian e-commerce market and the opportunities it has to offer, and the all inclusive e-commerce solution SCHNEIDER GROUP has developed. With this solution SCHNEIDER GROUP sets up a local online shop in Russia for its clients and takes care of all other essential aspects (warehousing, customs clearance, delivery to the customer, call hotline service, multiple payment options) as well as order management and the essential accounting work.

This allows companies to take full advantage of the huge e-commerce consumer base in Russia, whilst benefitting from their own online shop, short delivery times and increased brand perception.

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How to use business opportunities
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