Germany meets the Silicon Valley of Eastern Europe. Single part 2: Fintech startups in Belarus

On June 29, 2020 SCHNEIDER GROUP, Minsk office took part in Webinar on the topic “Germany meets the Silicon Valley of Eastern Europe. Single part 2: Fintech startups in Belarus”.

The online conference was organized by the OAOEV, Representative Office of German Economy in Belarus and DBWC in cooperation with local Belarusian companies and organizations. The event was aimed at linking German IT and technology companies and German venture capitalists with young, innovative IT companies and start-ups from Belarus in order to provide interested entrepreneurs from both countries with new business opportunities and strengthen bilateral relations. Due to Covid-19 the conference was carried out online and in 5 single webinars. The number of registered participants was 37, among which were representatives of German IT business, potential investors, local FinTech startups & companies.

SCHNEIDER GROUP delivered a speech by Sergey Odintsov, Head of Tax & Legal. The presentation was devoted to themes of investing in IT business from the point of view of the law on HTP. The main blocks of issues were considered – investment planning, attracting investments in startups, buying shares in existing companies, main advantages preferential regime of HTP, the use of English law institutes when investing in FinTech startups in Belarus, business capitalization and exit from the market (sale of shares in a company / business).

Investments under the HTP legislation

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Sergey Odintsov
Certified Legal & Tax Advisor, Head of Tax & Legal, Minsk
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