Founder & Managing Partner Ulf Schneider has appointed five new partners at SCHNEIDER GROUP

Adrian Branny is General Director at SCHNEIDER GROUP Warsaw
Adrian Branny
Warsaw Office
Yuri Donets
Kyiv Office
Ekaterina Lozhkova works at SCHNEIDER GROUP
Ekaterina Lozhkova
Accounting, Financial Management
Alexander Nuzhny works at SCHNEIDER GROUP
Alexander Nuzhny
Accounting, Financial Management
Alex Stolarsky
Partner, Rechtsanwalt
Legal, Compliance, Tax & Interim Management

Ulf Schneider, Founder & Managing Partner of SCHNEIDER GROUP, announced the promotion of five Directors to the position of Partner. This is a reward for their great performance, their strong commitment beyond their area of responsibility they have demonstrated, and their initiative for the prosperity of the company.

“This step ensures that responsibility within SCHNEIDER GROUP is shared among several strong shoulders”, Ulf Schneider comments on the decision. The new partners are not only well qualified and highly motivated, but also demonstrate the core of our mission which is to build business relationships between the West and the East. Those who know Ulf Schneider understand why he puts such emphasis on this kind of mission statement. Looking at his travel schedule, Schneider added “The announcement of five additional Partners gives me hope for a few days of vacation for myself.”

The promotions are also a result of a very successful 2018. SCHNEIDER GROUP created 50 additional jobs and the company’s turnover grew by around 20 percent in 2018. We are happy to officially announce the promotions of these new five Partners:

  • Adrian Branny, Partner, Warsaw Office
  • Yuri Donets, Partner, Kyiv Office
  • Ekaterina Lozhkova, Partner, Accounting, Financial Management
  • Alexander Nuzhny, Partner, Accounting, Financial Management
  • Alex Stolarsky, Partner, Rechtsanwalt, Legal, Compliance, Tax & Interim Management
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