Export from Austria to Russia

On April 3, 2019, SCHNEIDER GROUP held a business breakfast in Linz, Austria on a variety of topics related to exporting from Austria to Russia, including market entry, taxation, currency issues, and practical considerations.

Christopher Schagerl, Director from SCHENIDER GROUP, gave a two-part presentation. The first part covered the process for efficient business setup and market entry in Russia, from initial market research, to outstaffing and finding office space. In the second part, he discussed the new labeling requirements for products in the EAEU, including the physical process, documentation, and certification to comply with the new requirements.

Martin Hummer, Senior Tax Manager from ICON, gave a presentation on bilateral tax and social security issues in Austria and Russia, including corporate taxes, personal taxes, and transfer pricing issues.

Till Oberhummer, Head of Business Development from Western Union Business Solutions, gave a presentation on doing business in local currencies and focused on the factors affecting the choice between the Euro and Ruble, including exchange rates, interest rates, ease of banking, and sanctions.

To conclude, Wolfgang Mayer, Honorary Consul of the Russian Federation for Upper Austria, presented his practical experience in doing business between Austria and Russia.

The event was a success and gave a comprehensive overview of the issues affecting business between Russia and Austria. It was also a good opportunity to network and fulfill SCHNEIDER GROUP’s mission to build business relationships between the West and East.

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