EXPERT publishes rating of Russian Industry Parks

The analytical center of the Russian economic magazine EXPERT has issued a rating of the Russian industrial parks and special economic zones, in which they evaluated 76 parks using 29 parameters. location and connection

Winner of the rating is the private park Technopolis Chimgrad in Tatarstan. The cooperation partner of SCHNEIDER GROUP, Marino Industriepark in St. Petersburg, occupies third place and thus proved its attractiveness for investors. The evaluation included the management of the parks, location and connection, costs for resources, tax benefits and cooperation with the region and the existing infrastructure. You can read all the information about the rating and the results in Russian on the website of EXPERT.

SCHNEIDER GROUP supports foreign companies in the selection of locations and other tasks within the framework of a production set-up. We also cooperate with several industrial parks in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, but are neutral in our consultation and look for the best possible locations for our clients.

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