Business in Russia – How to deal with sanctions in the food & beverage industry

A webinar, devoted to the issues of sanctions in the food and beverage industry was held on March 28, 2018 in the SCHNEIDER GROUP Moscow office.

The Webinar covered the Russian Agri-Food Embargo and was attended by Export Managers, Food & Beverage Specialists and Business Development decision makers, as well as entrepreneurs who are considering Russian market entry.

The main purpose of this webinar was to share information about the history of sanctions in the Food & Beverage industry, export opportunities and barriers as well as answer numerous questions coming from participants.

The invited speakers Nathan A. Hunt, Founder and Chairman of the Canada Eurasia Russia Business Association, Evgeny Kayukha, Food & Beverage Specialist, along with Veronika Kochieva, Legal Team Leader at SCHNEIDER GROUP, highlighted in their presentations the questions of background and overview of the Agri-Food Embargo, gave precaution tips about ingredients, packaging and labeling.

We would like to thank everyone for participating in our webinar.

SCHNEIDER GROUP team will be glad to welcome you at our future events!

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