Belarus: The concept of “business purpose”

Do all of your transactions comply with the concept of a “business purpose”?

Have you prepared to manage risks in situations where:

  • You are purchasing or selling goods, works, or services via a controlled company, including those located in other jurisdictions?
  • You are intending to perform a one-time export of goods using a zero VAT rate in order to get a refund of the input VAT from the budget?
  • You are considering business restructuring to keep using the simplified taxation system?
  • You are considering transferring your staff member to the status of individual entrepreneur with a significant increase in wages (remuneration)?
  • You are thinking about selling assets purchased from a leasing company to some of your employees at book value?

Please contact us and we will provide a brief insight into the current enforcement of the Article 33 of the Belarusian Tax Code and help you reduce the risk of tax base adjustments resulting from your transactions.

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