Armenia as a bridge between Eurasian Economic Union and European Union

On November 30, 2018, SCHNEIDER GROUP hosted a business breakfast on the topic “Armenia as a bridge between Eurasian Economic Union and European Union”. The experts shared their knowledge and experience in this area accompanied by a lively exchange. Ulf Schneider, Managing Partner, Felix Patyan, Head of SCHNEIDER GROUP office in Yerevan, and the guest speaker Diana Movsesyan, Lawyer and Pharma Expert, gave a detailed market overview of Armenia, and presented an analysis of investment opportunities for international businesses.

Felix Paytyan started his presentation by giving an overview of the country’s profile; he covered historical and economic aspects supporting his speech with numerous facts and figures. Afterwards he moved on to the key industries and perspectives for foreign companies doing business in Armenia.

Ulf Schneider carried on by looking at the business aspects from a legal perspective. Schneider highlighted the legislative context and spoke about tax regimes and respective accounting regulations. He also emphasized the main issues of labor law especially labor specifications applied on foreigners.

Diana Movsesyan then introduced the audience to a comprehensive overview of the Pharmaceutical industry in Armenia with current market trends and conditions as well as the regulatory system. This particular industry branch is currently developing significantly.

In the conclusion Felix Paytyan, who also is Vice President of the Belgian Armenian Chamber of Commerce, together with Ulf Schneider signed the MOU between Lisbon Vladivostok and the Belgian Armenian Chamber of Commerce.

Overall, the business breakfast was a great success. Lively discussions and a lot of topic-related questions to the experts indicated genuine interest, while most participants ultimately expressed their wish to be notified about and / or invited to further events associated with Armenian business.

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