Event Management – 9 Secret Tips for a Guaranteed Success

Successful Event Management – 9 Tips

Do you need to organize a business event and want to make sure it is going to be a success? Here are 9 tips we would like to share with you from our experience:

1. Find the right venue for your event!

You want to make sure that it is easy to reach, leaves a professional impression and the staff is very client-oriented.

2. Make sure you have all the equipment!

Plan in advance what equipment you will need for your event and check whether it is provided by the venue or you need to search for external providers and rent it from them.

3. Pay attention to a warm welcome!

You can leave an especially positive impression when you welcome your guests in a friendly and courteous way. Make sure that the registration of your guests works smoothly and ideally you have some colleagues who accompany and guide your guests throughout the whole event.

4. Be creative with your decoration!

You can differentiate your event from others through your decoration. Depending on the format of the event you can use different styles. The sky is the limit for your creativity.

5. Provide high-quality catering! ​

The catering is a very important factor for the success of your event. You want to make sure you have enough food and high quality. If you work with a caterer for the first time, we recommend you conduct a food testing in advance.

6. Leave time for networking!

When you plan the schedule of your event, leave some free time for networking. Your guests will appreciate the opportunity to use your event as a platform to acquire new business acquaintances.

7. Organize photo and video shooting of your event!​

Especially when you organize a bigger event you better invite a professional photographer to capture the memories. You can use the photos to share them with your network and as an opportunity to get in touch with your guests to follow up after the event.

8. Work with a detailed plan for the organization!​

In order to not forget anything and to make sure your organization is efficiently, use a detailed plan with all the tasks and aspects of your event. If you organize events regularly, we recommend to even create a check list.

9. Assign a responsible person for the tasks!​

And last but not least assign for certain tasks responsible persons. This will help you directing the organization and you have people who can step up and take control to avoid mistakes.

SCHNEIDER GROUP organizes itself many business events and we will be happy to support you with your event. We can provide event management services as a key turn solution or support in only certain stages of the event organization.

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To make sure your next business seminar will be a great success, download our Event Management Checklist for free and use it when organizing your next event.

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