5 Changes in the Customs Regulation in the Eurasian Economic Union

New Customs Code

New Customs Code of the Eurasian Economic Union was finally signed by the President of the Republic of Belarus on 11th of April 2017. After the document is ratified by the appropriate authorities of all member states it will come into force. It is not expected to come earlier than 1st of July, most probably the date would be even switched to the January 2018.  The Customs code provides a new level of unification and coordination in respect of customs regulation within the EAEU. For the importers it means more transparent customs procedures, switching of emphasis to post-control measures, further development of the digital documentation exchange and the overall improvement in business climate.

Traceability system

Russian Customs in cooperation with Russian Tax Authorities is planning to introduce the traceability mechanism on the imported goods in 2018 already.  Mechanism proposed implies an exchange of information between tax and customs authorities, modifications in the tax documents templates, responsibility of a tax payer for non-submitted information or wrongful submission of info in the documents. Importers should pay attention to the compliance of the goods description in the invoice with the one in the field 31 of the customs declaration so that the goods could be properly identified for further movements within the Eurasian Union. If goods can not be identified correctly customs have a right to say that goods were not legally imported into the Customs union.

Merger of customs accounts

In accordance with the decision of Russian Customs the procedure of the merger of importer’s customs accounts is carried out. Currently importer has to make separate payments for different customs points. In accordance with the new procedure importers can transfer payments to the Unified Personal Account and are able to use monetary funds at any customs point within the Russian Federation. The main benefit of this unification for the importer is the simplification in the administration of payments, and a new level of flexibility. You may apply to SCHNEIDER GROUP or your current customs representative to find out the procedure.

Currency control

Customs is intensifying the currency control in order to prevent unlawful money transfer outside of the Russian Federation. For example, Customs and Central Bank of Russia together with authorized banks have introduced the digital information exchange on customs declarations registered with the Customs. Importers can keep track of the data sent by Customs to the authorized bank via the “currency control” folder of the personal account registered on the Customs web-site.  We recommend paying special attention to the consistency of the customs declaration and of the passport of the deal so the data could be uploaded automatically without further bank requests for information.

Labelling of the goods

Ministry of Trade of Russian Federation in their answer of 17.04.2017 to the Association of European Business have confirmed that the goods imported into Russia should be marked and labelled in accordance with the requirements of technical regulations of EAEC prior to lodging of customs declaration. This clarification eliminates the confusion which existed while defying the term “release of goods for free circulation within the territory of the EAEC”. We at SCHNEIDER GROUP can consult you on the requirements for labelling of your products.

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