Payment transfer solutions

SCHNEIDER GROUP supports companies to legally and reliably transfer funds from abroad to Russia.

Payments to Russian companies and suppliers from abroad can be an issue in the current times. We have a developed a number of legally-complaint solutions to address the issue.

The challenges you might face:     

  • Pay subcontractors in Russia
  • Transfer funds to your subsidiary in Russia
  • Sign contracts with Russian legal entities
  • Pay third parties in Russia
  • Pay Russian entities of SCHNEIDER GROUP for services provided

Our solutions:

SCHNEIDER GROUP has a network of companies in Russia, the CIS and the EU. Russian laws and applicable laws of other jurisdictions allow for multiple ways how to legally transfer funds. SCHNEIDER GROUP, as a consulting company in the legal, tax and financial area, is ready to suggest different structures fully in compliance with the legal requirements.
If you face a payment issue to Russia in the current situation, talk to us and we will propose a tailor-made contracting and payment transfer structure to address your issue.

What you get

Peace of mind
From start to end we set up a solution for you that works and is legally compliant. Our set of solutions will save your time, keep you from endless discussions with banks and ease your work.
Legally compliant and transparent structures
We solve for you all the legal, tax and other issues involved once a payment is not done directly between two parties. Your compliance department will appreciate that they receive a working solution which allows them to save time and does not create issues down the road.
Happy recipient of the funds
Nothing in business is more important, especially in Russia, than that payments are made as agreed on. Our solutions allow you to keep your commitments, protect your relationships and most of all keep the business on track.

SCHNEIDER GROUP has been helping businesses to expand to new geographical markets since 2003, offering a full range of business support services: from developing strategy for successful market-entry to helping arrange or optimize accounting, reporting and financial planning processes and establishing efficient IT infrastructures.

500 top experts in 9 countries take care of all resource-consuming non-core business tasks, so our customers can focus on achieving their business goals. We offer services in Armenia, Austria, Belarus, Germany, Kazakhstan, Poland, Russia and Uzbekistan, with minor regional variations. Get in touch via our contact form to request details of specific service packages available in your target country.

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