If you are establishing a new branch abroad while headquarters at home uses SAP, the logical choice would be to also use an SAP system in order to maintain Western standards and automate and simplify your new business processes in the new business environment. In this environment, you need an ERP system that is transparent and reliable, meets the requirements of the country’s laws and regulations, and allows you to quickly and efficiently prepare reports according to corporate standards. Instead of choosing a cost-intensive full version with many unnecessary functions, consider an alternative and save valuable time and money with a streamlined solution – SCHNEIDER GROUP’s SAP Template.


Your overseas sales are significant and accounting with western standards is essential


Your data volume would or actually does slow down a local system


You have at least 10 employees


Your company is entering a new market with its headquarters at home using SAP


Your business is in the transition period of the localization

Light version – heavy workload

Within only 10 working days, we set up your tailor-made SAP configuration with local specifications for your subsidiary. Our SAP template can be implemented for import and trading businesses with VAT transactions and is ideal for small and midsize companies, for whom a full SAP roll-out would be unnecessary. Nevertheless the light version is based on the same principles as the full version, which is a major benefit. Furthermore, setting up the SAP template / light version is faster, easier, and more cost efficient than a transition to 1C or another ERP system. It also provides data transparency if you are already using SAP at home.

SAP template benefits

  • Effective use of information inputs
  • Data transparency and control
  • Multiple language support
  • Ability to work with large amounts of data
  • Entered account information cannot be deleted completely
  • Simplified integration with SAP enterprise systems
  • Equal principles to SAP full versions in contrast to 1C
  • Cost and time efficient



Purchase of goods (including imports)


Sale of goods (including export)



Photo of human hands holding pencil and ticking data in documents

Accounting for VAT (including separate accounting), transport tax, property tax

SCHNEIDER GROUP offers accounting outsourcing and other back office services.

Asset Accounting


Settlements with counterparties, payments

Template functions for accounting

  • Parallel Accounting Approaches:
    • Charts of accounts, multiple currencies
    • IFRS/RAS
  • Financial Primary Forms
  • Stock / Material valuation
  • Asset accounting, Reporting and Forms
  • VAT posting and reporting
  • EDI Universal Transfer Documents Exchange
  • Transfer prices
  • Red Storno / negative postings
  • Currency conversions
  • Cost of goods sold calculation
  • Profit tax accounting
  • Financial statements provided by the legislation
  • Tax declarations


  1. Use the template and do the accounting yourself
  2. Choose SCHNEIDER GROUP’s Accounting Outsourcing Service, where our employees use their expertise to ensure your accounting complies with all local and other required standards and regulations.

Advantages with SCHNEIDER GROUP:

  • 3 languages (English, German, Russian)
  • Immediately available
  • Highly experienced accountants, who are familiar with local VAT regulations for example
  • Optional legal and tax expertise (the entire scope of accounting consulting services and all other services available under one roof)
  • We do business with over 500 clients
  • Our legal experts always keep our accountants updated on new amendments
  • Continuous tax advice

Contact our IT experts and learn more.

If you have already localized your production in Russia and engage in planning, budgeting, and inventory management, a full SAP version is recommended. SCHNEIDER GROUP offers the implementation and roll-out of full SAP versions.

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