Preparing complex export documentation

Industry:Fashion and Luxury

Since 2014, we have assisted Bogner in attaining conformity declarations and certificates for a variety of products, ranging from clothes to marketing materials.


The challengeThe solutionThe result

The challenge

The Eurasian Economic Union requires that all items be thoroughly tested and certified before they may be exported to its countries. The current certification legislation draws on the EAEU technical norms, which set the minimum requirements for products in terms of manufacturing processes, quality, reliability and technical specifications. Along with the standard declarations and conformity certifications, there are dozens of other types of product registrations and licences that are frequently difficult to obtain.

After incorporating a subsidiary in Russia, Bogner Eastern Europe began marketing its products there. It quickly ran into two significant issues:

  • There are many categories of export items, each with its own set of criteria, requiring a huge amount of documentation
  • Products must adhere to the EAEU technical regulations

The solution

Since August 2014, when Bogner began exporting to the EAEU countries, SCHNEIDER GROUP has aided the company in acquiring declarations of conformity and certificates for a variety of products ranging from clothes to marketing materials.

  • Reviewed Bogner product types
  • Formulated a list of conformity documents required for each product
  • Gathered all required documents
  • Applied to certification authorities as appropriate
As well as submitting the application and preparing a complete set of documentation, SCHNEIDER GROUP coordinated the delivery of product samples for consumers to try out Bogner’s products.

The result

Bogner’s business in the Russian market has benefited greatly from the ability to export certified items to Russia in compliance with Eurasian Economic Union laws. Since 2014, SCHNEIDER GROUP has also provided legal advice, and accounting services to Bogner since 2013.

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