New product certification rules

The Eurasian Economic Commission (hereinafter – the EEC) adopted a number of technical regulations, which establish new rules in this sphere.

The Council of EEC’s decree No. 44 dated April 18, 2018, confirmed the models for assessing the conformity of products, which are the basis for the revision of the existing technical regulations. The decision came into effect on July 18, 2018. Adoption of new product conformity assessment schemes will not affect the validity of previously issued permits: re-registration of declarations and certificates of conformity, as well as certificates of state registration, will not be required. Current models will still be applied until the required changes made. 

The main innovations will affect the procedure of state registration. In particular, it is established that the certificate of state registration will cease to be an unlimited document – it will be valid for 5 years (unless other terms are specified by technical regulations). It is also possible to issue a certificate in an electronic format. The procedure of state registration will be carried out in accordance with two schemes:

1p – for products manufactured in the EAEU;

2p – for products manufactured outside the EAEU.

Regardless of the type of product, the applicant must take all necessary measures to ensure that products comply with the technical regulations, and also ensure the marking of the goods with a single sign of circulation (EAC).

The ECE Collegium’s decree No. 41 of March 20, 2018, stated the renewal of the registration procedure, suspension, renewal, and termination of certification of conformity (hereinafter – Certifications) related to products which require the technical regulations confirmation by the Eurasian Economic Union.

The procedure determines single rules for registration of Certifications by authorized bodies and establishes a list of necessary documents for their registration.

The basis for suspending the Certification registered in the Unified register is the issuance of an appropriate order to the applicant by the state control body. The order can be issued when revealing non-compliance of the products with the technical regulations.

The basis for termination of the Certification can be both the decision of the applicant himself, the decision of the state control body in the form of issuing an order to the applicant to terminate the validity, or recognizing the Certification as invalid.

The price and time frames will be increased in accordance with the implementation of these normative legal acts, and the issue will take from 1 to 4 weeks and depend on the type of product issued conformity document.

These days see a quantity input in checks by the regulatory authorities regarding the basis under which the registration of certifications of conformity was issued. It also applies to the import of samples for certification purposes.


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