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Liquidation vs. dormant mode in Russia: ways around the risks.

Join us for live roundtable discussion to discuss correct approach for winding down the business and minimizing legal risks for the local management, appointment interim director and documents handover procedure.

Sanctions. Examples. Solutions. Forum V

Join us for the 5th forum to discuss the summer sanctions and counter-measures development and evaluate the operational options for your Russian subsidiary in uncertain times.

Sanctions. Examples. Solutions # 11 Summer learnings and new crisis management solutions

Join us for the already 11th interactive discussion on sanctions against Russia and their implications for foreign businesses operating in the country.

Export of traditional Italian food to Russia: current obstacles and possible solutions

Find out about the European sanctions against Russia: what is allowed and what is prohibited with focus on food & beverage industry, about the current obstacles by export of traditional food & beverage products to Russia and possible solutions and the latest import support measures in Russia, payment restrictions and how to organize international payments and cashflow.

CIS legal conference

А deep-dive into the legal framework affecting every-day business-operations in Russia and the CIS: recent legislative changes introduced in Russia & Belarus in the response to sanctions-pressure, legally-compliant options for maintaining activities on the market and opportunities of the neighboring- jurisdictions, such as Armenia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

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