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Sanctions. Examples. Solutions. Forum IV

4th practical Forum with an update on sanctions and restrictions, as well as practical solutions to day-to-day challenges of foreign busineses.

Russian subsidiaries in sanction times

Join us for the interactive discussion at our Round-Table about Russian subsidiaries in sanction times, which will be held on the 15th of June, 2022 at 12 p.m. in our office in Saint Petersburg.

10th Sanctions. Examples. Solutions. Conference.

Find out about the newly adopted sanctions and restrictions, the lightening of currency control measures by the Russian Central Bank, the new types of operations allowed  and the practical experiences with foreign currency payments, settlements with foreign partners.

Sanctions. Examples. Solutions. Forum III

Find out about managing your Russian subsidiary in uncertain times, restructuring your operations or planning market exit.

8th Sanctions. Examples. Solutions. Conference.

Join us for the next interactive discussion in the series about sanctions and their implications for foreign businesses in Russia.

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