Our events

CIS Legal Autumn Conference

SCHNEIDER GROUP presents in a concise and hands on way the most important legal updates in Russia as well as an overview of the economic situation, market entry opportunities as well as business and employee relocation options in the countries of Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan.

Sanctions. Examples. Solutions. #14

Join us for the 14th interactive discussion on sanctions and new rules and regulations. SCHNEIDER GROUP specialist will provide you with a concise overview and practical guidance on sanctions related issues.

Year End Closing 2022

To prepare the closing of the books for 2022 and to start off right for 2023 SCHNEIDER GROUP prepares an event, online and in our Moscow office, to address the most important topics about year end closing 2022.

Sanctions. Examples. Solutions. # 13

Join us for the 13th interactive discussion on sanctions and new rules and regulations. Additionally our SCHNEIDER GROUP import manager will present a number of case studies how to import to Russia through third countries or third parties.

Sanctions. Examples. Solutions #12

Join us for an active discussion on practical issues on the 23rd of September in our Moscow office or online.

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