The mayor of Moscow issued a decree on extended self-isolation


Based on this Decree from April 1:

  • Self-isolation period for Muscovites was prolonged until May 1, 2020
  • Prohibition on public events was prolonged until May 1, 2020
  • Prohibition on work of restaurants, cafes, bars, buffets etc. with personal presence of citizens  was prolonged until May 1, 2020

Important to note, that The Decree apparently provides for an opportunity for organizations and individual entrepreneurs, whose work is not explicitly forbidden by the Decree of the Mayor or the Decree of the President, to partly get some of the most essential employees directly responsible for technological and other relevant processes within the company back to the working place.

At the same time, these organizations and individual entrepreneurs should:

  • Comply with requirements on observance of social distance (minimum 1,5 meters), disinfection, temperature measurement, isolation of the employees with symptoms, and other requirements to the companies introduced previously.
  • Determinate the list of staff who:
    • Cannot be transferred to remote work and their presence at work is required to support essential technological and other continuous processes at workplaces directly
    • are transferred to remote work
    • do not work but keep their salaries
  • Notify the Moscow Mayor’s Office about the number of employees including into the above mentioned list and type of their work.

The circle of employees who are allowed to work in person in the premises should not be considered widely. These can only be only employees directly responsible for maintaining processes functioning and cannot fulfil this tasks on remote work in self-isolation. Punishment for violation of established requirements during the epidemic is significant.

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