SCHNEIDER GROUP opens office in Tbilisi


The Grand Opening of the new office in the capital of the Republic of Georgia took place on 15 February. This is a further milestone in the development of the SCHNEIDER GROUP network in the Caucasus region, after establishing an office in Yerevan in neighbouring Armenia, in 2018 and in Baku, Azerbaijan in 2022. 

Numerous representatives of international companies and associations, finance institutions and embassies as well as top-managers of SCHNEIDER GROUP from offices in Central Asia and Eastern Europe took part in the event. The evening was opened by President Ulf Schneider, who founded the company 20 years ago with the aim of building bridges between business communities from the East and the West. In his welcoming speech he introduced SCHNEIDER GROUP as a strong one-stop partner for foreign companies already operating in Georgia or considering market entry.

Georgia is increasingly becoming the focus of the international investors due to its dynamic economic growth, strategic access to the Trans-Caspian International Transport Route and investment projects in road construction, water supply and construction.

The company’s office in Vake Plaza in the business district of Tbilisi is headed by Anuki Okromchedlishvili, who is responsible for the development of a service portfolio, which includes accounting, legal, tax, HR, interim management and business setup. As the local client advisor for Georgia-based international companies, Ms. Okromchedlishvili provides broad expertise in finance, taxation and accounting, gained from her previous positions at PwC and EY, where she was responsible for advising multinational companies.

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