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Diversify your supply chain – source in the East

The current COVID-19 crisis clearly highlights the vulnerability of our current global supply chain structure. A major reshuffle of global supply chains is inevitable, especially for those companies relying on a limited number of trading partners. For many businesses it is time to reevaluate! Do you have your alternative sources in place?

Diversity in supply chains and sourcing channels in the CIS/EAEU countries could result in cost-saving and cost efficient manufacturing strategies.

SCHNEIDER GROUP’s import, logistics, and market research team are experts for the CIS and Eurasian markets. If you want to understand options in the markets between Europe and China, then let us be your guide. We can assist you with supply chain diversification during and after the crisis.

Market Research & Match Making

At SCHNEIDER GROUP, the Market Research Department assists our clients with:

  • analyzing the markets of the former CIS countries and
  • finding the right partners near them.

We specialize in finding the best suppliers for our clients in any situation.


Import and Logistics

SCHNEIDER GROUP’s Import Department supports EU companies with their logistic challenges.

  • It implies negotiations with local companies,
  • EU certification of CIS products,
  • and door-to-door logistics coordination, including export operations in Russia and EAEU countries.

Contact us

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Market Research Team Leader
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Associate Finance Director, Import Department
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