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Tax Consulting and Russian Taxation

Tax consulting and Tax Return in Russia, Russian Taxation

Many foreign companies underestimate the seriousness of tax consequences during the initial stage of the business set up that takes place in Russia. Once a decision is taken, it is very difficult to have it reversed. Therefore, comprehensive advising in Russian taxation prior to company registration in Russia is crucial.

We offer you our advisory services on fiscal considerations of everyday transactions, and consult you on the preparation of tax structures and tax planning in selected areas (incl. tax returns, tax computations, etc.).
This includes:

Taxes in Russia


Type Amount in % Details
Profit Tax (for companies) 20% Reduction up to 15.5% is possible in special economic zones and certain regions).
VAT (Value-Added Tax) 20% Standard rate.
10% Applicable for:

    Sale of basic foodstuff;

  • Sale of certain kinds of products for children;
  • Sale of medical supplies and medicines;
  • Sale of periodicals (excluding advertisement and erotic), scientific literature and text books
0% Applicable for (providing certain conditions are met):

  • Exports of goods;
  • Sales to diplomatic missions and their personnel, including family members;
  • Sale of goods (works, services) in the field of aerospace;
  • Transportation of passengers and baggage where either the point of departure or destination is outside Russia;
  • Services for transportation of goods in connection with export and import;
  • And other cases, which mainly are auxiliary to transportation services but also some other cases.
Dividend Tax (Withholding Tax) 15% For payments abroad), may be reduced to 5% depending on the double taxation agreement).
Property Tax (on fixed assets) up to 2.2% of the book value
1-2% of the cadastral value
Personal Income Tax (no sliding scale, hardly any exceptions)


13% for tax residents and foreign highly-qualified specialists
30% for tax non-residents
Social Contributions


30% – 15.1% 0% for temporarily staying HQS
– 22% pension fund up to 1,150,000 RUB in 2019, then 10% until the end of the year
– 2.9% social security fund up to 865,000 RUB in 2019, then 0% until the end of the year
– 5.1% fund of medical insurance no limits are foreseen